The goal of 6110 Vision Quest is to place the capability for improved vision within the hands of developing countries around the world by providing them the tools and materials to make very inexpensive reading glasses.

Vision Quest Kit - weighs 30 pounds

Reading glasses -

$0.51/pair material cost

    A pair of durable and serviceable reading glasses from +1.00 to +4.00 strengths by +.25 increments can be made for only 51 cents material cost.    You or your club can become involved with this service project that can be life changing for those in need of reading glasses.  There are different ways to be involved.
     1.  Contribute $400.00 including shipping for a complete kit.  This provides two sets of tools, instructions, two test kits and materials to make 314 pairs of glasses.
     2.  Contribute $160.00 including shipping for replacement materials for a kit .  This provides the stainless steel wire, lenses, and pvc tubing for 314 pairs of glasses.

See how the glasses are fabricated by watching this YouTube video.

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Vision Quest Kit contains:

All materials to make 314 pair of reading glasses includes;

stainless wire, acrylic lenses, and plastic tubing for ear pieces

Two work stations including two sets of tools (saw, file, pliers) and two jigs for fabricating the glasses and wet/dry sandpaper for

 shaping the lenses after cutting. Also two clamps for holding the jig and lenses when sawing.

Testing devices for determining strength of glasses

Detailed instructions manual for making the glasses